Atomic Reach has announced it's received US$ 1.25 million in seed funding to help with the development of version 3.0 of its content marketing platform.

The Atomic Reach Mission 

Atomic Reach launched in 2011, after its executives noticed a business need for content curation and creation. Without the proper tools, this venture proved to be problematic, time consuming and expensive. With this in mind, Atomic Reach was created for both companies and bloggers to expand their consumer reach and improve engagement and revenue through a collaborative community.

As brands continue to identify innovative ways to compete for the attention of their customers and prospects online, content has once again become the most important weapon in a company’s marketing arsenal," said Atomic Reach founder and CEO Bradley Silver. 

With tools like its content curation platform and the Reach It app, Atomic Reach gives marketers, and other individuals who want to spread their personal brand, the proper tools. According to its official website, by using Atomic Reach, users gain access to a collection of products that help build customizable communities, easily manage posts and shared content, add website and social features and monitor analytics data to improve the consumer experience.

So, with the US$ 1.25 million in funding from Genwealth Venture Partners, an entrepreneur-centric investment fund and the Investment Accelerator Fund, Atomic Reach will have the financial means to continue producing products and tools related to content marketing and curation.

The Other Content Players

Despite Atomic Reach noticing that their was a need for content curation, it's not an entirely new concept. There are a few other platforms that offer users the same services. A few examples include:

  • A bookmarklet and curation tool, lets users choose what topics they'd like to have information on and then only find information related to that topic.
  • PublishThis: As a content marketing platform PublishThis not only gatherers relevant content for users, but is centered around four key themes: aggregation, content curation, licensed and original content.
  • is a content sharing tool that is designed to display and organize information in a newspaper like style that can be shared across both Twitter and Facebook.
  • Snip.It: Snip it is a social content sharing tool that was recently bought Yahoo.

Version 3.0 of the Atomic Reach marketing platform is expected to be released in the Spring.