Website building, software as a service, company Basekit, has added a mobile site builder to its website design platform, which will give both large and SMB’s the tools to create a fully functional mobile website.

These days just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet. Websites can no longer be designed to fit large screens, as with smaller devices come smaller screens and the need to see content in a mobile efficient way. This is where tools, like Basekit’s Mobile Site Builder can prove to be useful.

Who are BaseKit?

Launched in 2008 Basekit was created to make website creation an easy, but proficient process. Founders Simon Best, Richard Best and Richard Healy found that the way traditional websites were made (using Photoshop, converting that design into html and then making sure the code worked) was tedious, unrewarding and limited. With this idea in mind, they wanted to create a website design tool that was easy to use, requires no technical skills and is affordable.

The Mobile Site Builder

With the mobile site builder, users have access to 15 different professional looking mobile site templates. They then merely have to load the template onto the design platform and customize it. As the site is being designed users can see how it would look in a mobile format, so that any content that needs to be changed can be done immediately. Users who already have a website through Basekit can use the content importer to copy the website to a mobile format.


Transferring a website from Desktop to Mobile

Additional features include:

  • Text editing: With a built-in text editor users can see how different sizes and fonts will look on their mobile website. If text is longer and proves to be problematic, users can use the text truncation option to hide text so that will only be revealed once a user taps the screen to see it.
  • Call me button: With this optional feature, visitors merely have to click on the button to contact the company whose website they are visiting.
  • Image optimization: This built-in feature allows users to minimize file sizes, so that content loads as quickly as it does on the desktop version of the website.

Other tools from Basekit include a website builder for non-mobile sites and domain and hosting services. The company has also recently added an email feature that gives users the chance to create a “[email protected]” type of email system for employees.

Users can sign up for a month long Basekit trial period or purchase one of the plans that range from £6.00 a month to £24.00 a month, depending on what services the business requires. Currently, the last option or Business + Mobile is the only plan to have the mobile feature.