Be Seen: New Network Connects Brands with Instagram Influencers

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When it comes to social media, the objective for brands is to be seen, so it's only appropriate that the photo engagement platform Seen (formerly Venueseen) has launched Snapfluence, an exclusive network that connects brands with Instagram influencers. 


Instagram isn't new, but seems to be gaining momentum among brands as of late. The benefits of the photo sharing platform are harder to ignore and as such Seen is providing brands with easy access to targeted influencers whose lifestyles match the brand’s through Snapfluence. 

What Does it Mean to Be Seen?

Seen is a platform that enables brands to seamlessly launch, promote, and measure Instagram and Twitter campaigns that capture influential moments. Brands can build their own campaigns that tell their story visually through the eyes of their customers, as well as glean valuable insights about their fans through hashtags and brand perceptions. 

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Social media metrics aren't always easy to analyze and they're not always the same across platforms. What works on a text-based platform like Twitter may not work for photo sharing sites like Instagram

Learning Opportunities

Snap to It

Each snap of a user's smartphone camera and upload to Instagram can influence everything from the latest fashion trends to celebrity news and more. However, connecting brands to these influencers isn't easy. Snapfluence hopes to change this by providing brands with easy access to targeted influencers whose lifestyles match the brand’s mission and vision. Snapfluence offers two kinds of engagement: brands can partner with influencers for a one-time campaign, or they can bring on influencers for long-term ambassador programs.


Today, brands and influencers can sign up to join. Once approved to be a part of the Snapfluence network, influencers will be matched with a brand whose product/service aligns with their lifestyle and interests. While brands can benefit from identifying those who can help influence others, influencers themselves can benefit from connections with brands they genuinely love, while exploring opportunities for payment, free products and exposure. 

As Instagram matures into a trusted platform among users, it's only natural that brands will want to leverage user engagement. Unlike other networks, marketers may not have to struggle as much to connect with users thanks to platforms like Seen. 

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