Keeping track of popular stories and social posts is getting a bit easier with Bing. The Microsoft-owned search engine’s news section has added a trending feature.

The Trends with Bing

In today’s world news, social posts about topical items are delivered more quickly than ever before through social media feeds, mobile apps and SMS updates. Although keeping track of these updates is sometimes a difficult task because as a soon as a headline or important story appears, it is often replaced by something more timely. The older story is then quickly pushed to the bottom of the news list because it is no longer ‘new’.

To help its users navigate this continually updated social news world, Bing has made a few design changes to Bing News.

According to a blog post from the company this update is described as a “modern layout [that is] is built for touch and showcases top trending topics from Facebook, Twitter and Bing as well as related people from across the web.”

Along with the ability to responsively adapt to any device there are two notable features that have been added to Bing News: Trending Topics and Trending Now.

With Trending Topics Bing posts the newest news stories at the top of the Bing News page in a ‘news carousel’. Also, if a user searches a particular topic or person, any recent trending topics related to that search will be added to carousel, while content with the most Twitter and Facebook engagement is posted on the right side of the page.

The Trending Now feature uses Bing’sSatori technology that allows it to find “answers at-a-glance for people places and things.” More specially, it will be able to find information related to what's trending, so that user’s don’t have to search for more information or open anymore browser tabs. 

Learning Opportunities

Bing News Trending Update

One Step at a Time

It appears to those who reported on the update, like Dara Kerr, that these features are helping Bing become a more formidable opponent for Google.

Microsoft has doggedly worked to gain market share for its Bing search engine over the past couple of years,” she wrote. “While it still has a long way to dethrone Google, it has steadily gained US market share since 2010.”

Others have praised the update’s ability to curate important stories into a centralized platform.

The Bing News update is about more than just a new look,” wrote Kip Kniskern. “If you’ve ever tried to follow breaking news about a fast moving story, you’ll know that the mainstream press sites often aren’t able to keep up.”

Bing in the News

There hasn’t been much news from Bing over the last few months, but earlier in the year the search engine added a Facebook Social Sidebar and upgraded its apps to be compatible with Windows 8.