It's spring cleaning time, and Microsoft has been busy with Bing. In October it launched six new apps for Windows 8, which it extended to Office 365 at the beginning of February. This week, it announced on the Bing blog that it is now upgrading those apps.

The apps were designed to make the best of the new touch functionality in Windows 8 and streamlined to make them faster to provide what the Bing team describes on their blog as a set of “immersive, vertical, experiences.”

The new upgrades offers more to users by enabling them to customize and personalize the apps to suit their own personal needs. This is what they have done with each of them:


You can now customize this to keep tabs on specific stories, categories, topics or news sources that are important for you. It  also supports RSS feeds and offline reading so that you can take the content with you where ever you go. Will it be a Google Reader substitute? Verdict is out on that.

Bing News app update.jpg

Bing News App upgrade


This now supports improved driving, transit and walking directions as well as up-to-the minute traffic incident notifications. You can save common places and locations or pin them to your start screen so that they can roam across your Windows 8 device.

Bing upgraded maps.jpg

Bing Maps upgraded 


Now comes with an updated wish-list real-time US stock updates and customizable interactive charts.


Adding a further 29 sports leagues so that there are now 65 covered from American Football to Ice Hockey and Golf.


This feed now comes with content from Lonely Planet, Frommer’s and Fodor’s, and lets you do anything you might need to do around travel including book flights and hotels directly within the app filtering by price, amenities and more.

Bing weather app.jpg

Bing Weather App upgrade


Find out what is happening in your city or region across a number of categories including satellite, temperature, cloud cover and radar, as well as conditions at ski resorts across the world.

There's nothing particularly breath-taking here but given the limitations in the previous versions the upgrades will be a welcome addition especially the addition of the offline capability.

If you are interested either downloading them, or upgrading them you can get them in the Windows Store. If you are interested in more on these apps check out the video below.