In advance of February's launch of the new BlackBerry 10 line-up and ecosystem, RIM has released its new Enterprise Service platform to the world, offering support for iOS and Android users too. 

Back in the Game

Ahead of its big launch, RIM has put up a sterling effort to get its BlackBerry name and brand back on track. There is excitement among users, the leaks of images and information have been positively received and many are giving the company a shout at a decent recovery. But, from today, the hard work begins in earnest as the products begin to fall into place. 

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is available for release, with a 60-day free trial, and provides device management, security and app management for not only BlackBerry products, but Apple's iOS and Android devices as well (a task formerly handled by BB Mobile Fusion), giving it a play across the enterprise smartphone spectrum. BlackBerry's software and services, bar the odd outage and hiccup, were are well regarded in IT and this launch puts a big foot in the door of IT departments that may have been thinking of moving on. 

Note that if you have older BB devices that users wish to keep using, you can still manage them by running your old Server product (5.0.3 or 5.0.4) through the BBES10 console. For more details read the FAQ

Servicing All Smartphone Users' Needs

Enterprise Service 10 offers a list of essentials for managing a businesses' mobile needs plus plenty of buzzwords and trendy options. BYOD is near the top of the list, suggesting that even BlackBerry thinks users are in charge of what device they use, although government and some security-sensitive types will disagree.

Learning Opportunities

The Enterprise Service offers a unified, web-based administration console to manage all devices and users. For those BYOD types, there is support for BlackBerry Balance technology, which splits and secures work applications and data from personal content on RIM's upcoming devices. It also offers support for seamless and secure access to work email, content and secure connectivity to firewalled applications and data.

But smartphones are nothing with apps and BlackBerry World for Work, offers a corporate app store for BB10 devices, offering the army of new apps that RIM has been pushing. The service can manage apps for employees while admins can control installation of its own mandated apps to both corporate and personal-owned devices and publish recommended apps to employees.

Add in the usual Active Directory support, user management, unified communications, secure wiping and RIM's new product will have lots of appeal for the enterprise IT department. Will that translate into future BB10 device sales? We'll have to see.