Characters Welcome: How to Tell the Right Story #CMWorld
Storytelling has become a critical component of content marketing. Never has this been more apparent than at Content Marketing World 2012, where many of the speakers are helping us develop our inner storyteller. However, the types of stories being told have become rather interesting. Deana Goldasich told us to make the customer the hero, while Jenny Magic encouraged us to make our competitor our arch enemy and the customer the damsel in distress. Why is it so important for us to make our customers, competitors and companies characters in our own stories?

Make Your Case to the C-Suite

If you’re able to create a story where the customer is lost and alone, trying to find information in the wrong places, it might provide the right scenario to convince the powers that be that you need to focus more on content marketing. Additionally, if you’re able to show that the bold, brave and rugged company can save the day, it helps to change how the C-suite sees themselves and how they view your role, as a result.

Help Your Customers Feel Valuable

If you can make your customers feel like you’re following their lead, they will definitely feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Reward customers for feedback and provide opportunities for them to engage with your brand. In return, your company should provide feedback to customers when their feedback is incorporated into product releases and initiatives.

Motivate Your Team

Your competitors are just like you, which may make it hard for you to see them as your arch enemy. If you could better understand what tools they’re using you might soon see them as the rival you need to defeat. You can beat them by focusing on the strategies you need to implement to make your company’s presence easy to consume. If you can rally your team around a common goal, it can make it easier to employ the right tools.

Set the Stage for Your Moment of Truth

At the end of Wednesday, Sam Sebastian, the Director of Local & B2B Markets for Google spoke to us about Google’s Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). The project shows how the Internet has changed how consumers decide what to buy and helps companies learn not only how to find their moment of truth (that is, what consumers see -- or what they don’t see -- when they’re trying to find what they want online) but to rework their online storyboards so that companies can achieve their happy ending.

In the end, whether your customer or the C-suite is the knight in shining armor, being able to incorporate a cast of characters into your company’s story telling can help keep everyone focused on the goal of providing an extraordinary customer experience.