After we made mention of Clarabridge during our examination of text analytics and the customer experience, we decided to take a closer look at how they provide Customer Experience Management through intelligent sentiment and text analytics.

In this day and age of user-generated content and social sharing, Clarabridge provides companies with a universal view of their customer feedback by transforming text-based customer feedback into valuable insight. Although they have been doing it for years, sentiment and text analytics is especially relevant.

What Are the Drivers of Customer Loyalty?

It’s a question that many companies have been asking, though few have been able to glean the appropriate insight to answer it. Some have chosen to ignore it altogether, hoping that the answer will magically reveal itself. With Clarabridge, however, its customers are able to solve these types of customer experience issues before they get out of control, thanks in part to three core products:

  • Analyze: Designed for business users, Clarabridge’s Analyze provides a highly interactive interface through which users can analyze customer feedback data, adjust classification models, tune sentiment, create reports and visualizations as well as perform insightful ad hoc analysis. Users can also quickly and securely search, explore, organize and analyze text from words, linguistic elements, sentiment and structured data to filter, report, classify and drill into root causes.
  • Collaborate: With Collaborate, users can problem-solve from a collaborative platform. By delivering information to the right people (those who need to know and who can benefit from voice of the customer (VoC) information) Collaborate lets users interact with and invite others to participate in conversations, which can help to expand the impact of VoC and CXM data throughout an organization.
  • Engage Clarabridge Engage is a customer experience management (CXM), content driven, engagement offering, designed to create relationships with customers by intelligently routing the right customer feedback, to the right stakeholders, all in real-time, in order to proactively interact with customers across external and internal sources, from social media to emails and surveys.

Separately, these tools provide valuable insights about the different types of information and users that cross paths with a company. Used together, organizations are able to put insights into motion by streamlining workflows and operationalizing relevant information with the right people across the organization at the right time.

Engage, which was released in November 2012 as a part of Clarabridge 5.5, comes with a host of enhanced capabilities, such as extended language offerings, including 10 fully supported languages, and real-time social media data streams.

The Most Important Rule of Intelligent Customer Experience Management

As intelligent as Clarabridge’s software is, it’s built upon the most basic tenet of customer experience -- listening. Without first listening to the conversations taking place online, you can’t possibly begin to make sense of it. At Clarabridge, they call this Intelligent Customer Experience (ICE) and it works to identify key areas on which companies can focus to increase engagement and revenue

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By listening for and monitoring conversations that may need some TLC, companies can catch problems before they escalate, which can save both time and money (and reputations).

We spoke with Clarabridge’s CEO, Sid Banerjee about the company, its customers and what it sees as its impact in defining the customer experience. What comes first -- forward-thinking customers or a proactive software suite? For Banerjee, it isn’t one or the other. Instead, it’s that customers in particular industries, be it retail, hi-tech or financial, have an advanced need to go deeper into its customer insights. The more growth a company experiences, the more they need to better understand how to manage it before it manages them.

While Clarabridge isn’t in the consulting business, it does provide customers with best practices, support and training for its product suite. As well, the company encourages partnerships between companies to help them leverage their data. For example, a technology company might pair up with a market research company to explore how they might use Clarabridge’s insights to expand their reach commercially.

The types of data that Clarabridge mines and analyzes may have once been owned by marketing and operations, but they are slowly seeping into other departments within organizations, like product marketing or human resources. As a result, text analytics and sentiment analysis is becoming more cross-departmental than ever before.

Taking This Show on the Road

Such cross-functionality may explain Clarabridge’s Customer Experience Roadshow, has visited several major cities in the past year in an effort to take the message of customer experience management (CXM) and voice of the customer (VoC) to leading organizations looking to improve customer loyalty and retention, increase share of wallet, grow profitability and identify new markets and enhancements for product and service lines.

The idea isn’t to proselytize about Clarabridge but rather for Clarabridge customers to share first-hand their experiences and lessons learned on how customer experience management can positively impact businesses. 

Overall, Clarabridge is more than just advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis -- it’s about creating a customer experience that thrives on thoughtful, intelligent and actionable insights.