ClickFox Survey Asks Whom Consumers Trust with Data

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What are the dimensions of consumer trust when it comes to sharing data with companies? A new report from ClickFox attempts to address that question.

The survey of 172 consumers, by experience analytics provider ClickFox, found that consumers are fine with marketing campaigns using their locations to target relevant information, trust financial services the most with their personal information, and are wary of having their data used by retailers.

The Most Trusted are Not Retail

Behind financial services, healthcare organizations and the government are trusted most with personal information, and Amazon, Apple and Google are considered the most trustworthy individual companies.

ClickFox CEO Marco Pacelli said in a statement that the poor marks received by the retail industry are not surprising, given that its consumer engagement “tends to solely focus on the sale.”

According to the report, 70.7 percent of respondents would share their location for giveaways, discounts or improved service, and 84.3 percent would prefer that organizations use their data to improve customer experience.

Nearly 20 percent are OK with organizations using their cell phone number as a personal ID, which is second to the 43.4 percent who prefer using a personal security question.

In fact, nearly 60 percent value personal identifiers, including social security numbers, home address and phone numbers, more than behavioral habits, such as purchase history, shopping preferences and service history.

Learning Opportunities

ClickFox Recommendations

A large majority -- more than 80 percent -- expect companies to know their purchase history and their previous customer experiences. Nearly half of respondents would be willing to share their purchase history from other companies for giveaways, discounts or improved service.

Based on the results, ClickFox has several recommendations for companies looking to improve their customer experience and management of consumer data. These include analyzing databases across informational silos to obtain information that could visibly benefit consumers, such as better service or new products.

Other suggestions include the possibility of using new or multiple personal identifiers, employing location-based engagement, and ensuring consistent customer experiences across touch points.

Founded in 2000 and based in Atlanta, ClickFox specializes in customer experience management. It uses proprietary technology to analyze customer experience successes and failures across multiple touch points.