If we've learned anything in 2012 it’s that if you are a small or medium sized business there are many tools available to help you market your business online. However, the marketing landscape has changed rapidly, and it may not be as easy to make sense of all that business intelligence. Enter ClickFuel.

Driving Data-Driven Decisions

Originally, ClickFuel started out delivering online marketing services directly to the small-midsize business market and developed a marketing dashboard called the Fuel Station to support our advertising clients. As interest in the Fuel Station grew, ClickFuel re-tooled the business and strategy to focus on developing the Fuel Station technology and re-entered the market as a technology solution provider. With the belief that data driven decisions, defensible insight and real transparency are the path to success, ClickFuel works to combine data across marketing channels into a single dashboard.

ClickFuel helps two categories of companies: 1 -- media partners that put together campaigns and 2 -- SMBs that are trying to use those campaigns to boost their revenues. With more than 200,000 dashboards activated, SMBs use ClickFuel to identify which campaigns are working and which ones are not.

We spoke with Steve Pogorzelski, CEO at ClickFuel about what SMBs can learn from the marketing trends of 2012.


Example of the ClickFuel dashboard, which combines data across marketing channels and shows Cost Per Lead ROI metric for all channels.

Not All Marketing Channels Work the Same

While there may be many more marketing channels available than ever before, Mr. Pogorzelski says that not all of them are suitable for all small and medium sized businesses. In fact, he says that there are many channels that don’t produce any leads. He encourages SMBS to look beyond the hype and find the channel that works best for them and their customers.


ClickFuel’s Lead Tracker displays summaries highlighting best performing lead sources.

Listening to Customers is Essential

Your customers are the key to your success. Being able to deliver what they want is essential, but how do you know what your customers want? To effectively understand how their partners and customers are using ClickFuel’s dashboard, the company participates in a weekly call, as well as conducts several on-site visits during the year. Pogorzelski says that listening to customers is imperative to helping ClickFuel learn what data users are collecting, wanting to integrate within the dashboard and what insights they hope to glean. This attention to customer feedback speaks to the company’s goal to deliver superior ROI through internet marketing.

Big Data is Big, But Not Insurmountable

Big data may have been the buzzword of 2012, and it’s not likely to go away soon, making it more important for businesses of all sizes, but especially SMBs, to get a handle on it all. ClickFuel agrees and is working to launch a recommendation engine that aims to help companies make better marketing decisions. Currently in beta, ClickFuel expects to launch publicly sometime in early 2013.

On Track & Invested in the Future of Online Marketing

With ClickFuel's marketing analytics dashboard SMBs now have an opportunity to keep their online marketing on track, reducing the amount of time and money spent on irrelevant or inappropriate marketing channels.

ClickFuel is invested in helping customers achieve the best results from their online marketing campaigns. Recently, Click Fuel raised $US 4 million in a Series B round of funding led by The E.W. Scripps Company to be used to develop new products and services and to expand the use of Fuel Station in data and business intelligence applications.