Cloud services broker, Cloud Sherpas has announced they've acquired and integrated with CloudTrigger, a cloud CRM solution consulting firm.

2013 is expected to a big year for Cloud-based products and services. According to various reports, including one from Forrester, more and more companies are using the cloud. It's now seen as less of an an option and more of a key to collaboration, storage and networking.

With more companies embracing the cloud, they can incorporate products and services into a cloud-based platform giving them access to a variety of new features, including improved productivity, having more data storage options and being able to integrate mobile devices with an enterprise platform.

With a focus on Salesforce, CloudTrigger is a multi-discipline service. In addition to providing support for the platform with developmental and deployment tools, CloudTrigger has also worked on CRM solutions and implemented app exchange applications and support for mobile and social media ventures Sales and SaaS solutions. On the other hand, Cloud Sherpas has worked with companies -- such as Salesforce and Google -- to improve and manage their cloud solutions.

They've also recently raised US$ 40 million dollars to help expand their cloud services brokerage offerings.

Coming Together

While the details surrounding this merger haven’t been released, the acquisition of CloudTrigger will provide Cloud Sherpas with the support needed to expand their services and help design custom tools for cloud and CRM applications.

We are thrilled to be joining forces with Cloud Sherpas, whose reputation for innovation and customer service is unparalleled among CSBs,” said Carter Wigell, President of CloudTrigger. “The collective experience of Cloud Sherpas and CloudTrigger further differentiates us as one of the few firms that have the depth of experience and technical expertise to help companies fully leverage the flexibility and functionality of the cloud.”

In addition to providing Cloud Sherpas with more tools, the merger also allows the company to expand their network across the United States and eventually around the world with the influx of personnel and resources. 

Jumping on the Cloud Bandwagon

Cloud Sherpas isn't the only organization that's trying to improve how cloud-based services work. At the start of 2012, Oracle bought Taleo to improve its public cloud service, while IBM integrated with Green Hat --  then later in the year Salesforce, introduced their marketing cloud product, along with a merger with Radian6 and Buddy Media.