IT managers looking to keep a close eye on their businesses' AWS and S3 usage can now monitor the situation from the comfort of their executive iPad. 

The Cloud in Your Hands

With increased reliance on inexpensive cloud services, it can be easy to forget those cents mounting up, until you get the regular service bill. Newvem offers an iOS-based monitoring solution for those who want to watch the pennies.

Running on iPad or iPhone, the free, lightweight app can track your EC2, elastic storage and network costs, comparing them to previous periods and show graphical highlights and risks to your budget. With the ability to drill down into service costs or AWS instances, you can get an overview of pretty much everything that is going on with your enterprise account. 


As increasing numbers of managers and executives turn to the iPad as a super-dashboard, apps like Newvem's are useful in managing the raft of services that modern enterprises use. Newvem's main task is to help save users money on their cloud services usage, and this app could help provide scrutiny on IT's runaway use of cloud services. 

With all sorts of cloud-based services for Amazon popping up from third parties like Attunity's Cloud Service and RightScale, the wild west take-up of Amazon's services by trigger happy IT types might soon be a thing of the past. Perhaps these apps might also warn you when Amazon's AWS service suffers an outage too.