SurveyMonkey is a great web brand because it is both very reliable and extremely easy to use.

Over the years I have designed hundreds and hundreds of surveys. I have looked at a lot of survey tools. Some were terrible, many were okay, but SurveyMonkey is by far the best. In fact, SurveyMonkey is one of the best things I have ever found on the Web.

As 2011 comes to a close, SurveyMonkey is valued at $1 billion; it's worth every cent. It is literally a joy to use. During my career I have worked with many people in designing surveys. I don't think there has ever been an occasion when I had to train someone on SurveyMonkey. People just figured it out for themselves. It just worked.

I have also recently bought an iPhone. While I do not subscribe to the Cult of Steve Jobs, I must say it is a beautiful device. Using it is a delight, whereas my Nokia smartphone was such a chore.
Steve Jobs could often be heard to say: "It just works." Think about that statement for a moment. Imagine if a car company used it. "Our cars just work." Wow! That would be a big selling point. Or a TV manufacturer. "Our TVs just work."

In the world of the Web and the world of technology in general, something that just works is still big news. Something to tell your friends about. Because it's still a relative rarity to find things that just work, that are easy to use.

Easy to use is a tsunami that is ripping across the world. We customers expect that it will just work. And if it doesn't we get very annoyed. Great web brands understand that.

I buy quite a bit of music stuff from Thomann. Excellent service. Great prices. Easy to use.

After you submit your order you get a nice page explaining exactly what happens next. Here's a sample of what it says: "If additional items cross your mind which you would like to add to your order, you can submit another order. We will add the new items to your existing order, as long as it has not yet been shipped. We're always anxious to help you avoid additional shipping costs." That's customer service.

Thomann gets my business, just like Amazon.

I buy a lot from Amazon. A couple of weeks ago I sent them a query. Within 10 minutes they had replied. Anytime I have ever contacted Amazon they responded quickly and professionally. What more can you ask for?

I use Go To Meeting for online meetings and webinars. Great service, easy to use, value for money.

A while ago I had a problem. It was complicated. The support person said to me: "No rush. I'm going to stay on this problem until you're completely satisfied." Am I loyal to Go To Meeting? Absolutely.

Great web brands are all about ease of use and service and support. They are run by people with service hearts. They make your day that little bit easier and in small but important ways add to quality of life.