Customer Experience is More Than a Solution, It's an Attitude: #CXMChat Recap

5 minute read
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If you joined us for our Customer Experience Management Tweet Jam on Thursday, January 19, you may have learned a few things about the past, present and future of listening, delivering and measuring a consistent, contextual, optimized message across all channels, otherwise known as CXM.

During the course of an hour, 12 individuals representing 15 CXM vendors and 12 independent professionals (that’s my head count, anyway, @josephwykes) dissected various aspects of customer experience management.

Editor's Note: To put things in better perspective, although we had 24 active participants, including those of our panel, we also had over 800 people listening in (according to the number of people connected via Cover-It-Live alone).

First, we defined it:

Then we asked about the tools and strategy used to spearhead CXM.

Learning Opportunities

Once, that was settled, we talked about ownership. Who owns CXM? Luckily, most people agreed that it involved the C-suite and an organizations culture shift.

Next, we took time to reflect on the past year and what was the most important CXM lesson we learned in 2011.

Lessons naturally lead us to the future and the opportunities ahead of us, including a bonus conversation about the importance of differentiating (or not) between offline and online customer experiences. 

So there you have it. The future of CXM belongs to all of us, and as a result, we must keep our finger on the pulse of wherever our customers are in an effort to deliver customized messaging, and then we measure and start all over again. Thanks for an amazing chat and we hope to jam with you again soon!