Dachis Group Debuts Real Time Marketing
Dachis Group has debuted its appropriately named Real Time Marketing tool for engaging people across channels as it happens, and it includes the ability to target the right conversations and optimize campaigns.

Trending Dashboard

Social media marketing is a big part of what Dachis Group and many others are focused on, because it is there people are talking about companies in more or less public spaces. Real Time Marketingis meant to be a one stop shop where social media data can be organized, analyzed and acted upon.

This Brand Trend dashboard (pictured above) is where the hidden conversations of advocates and champions, and detractors, of course, can be seen. It even shows how trends measure up versus competitors. Audience size, impressions generated and effectiveness of activating advocates can all be measured. Additionally, trends can be curated, and campaigns and paid media can be engaged against them.

Social Analytics

We can't have real time marketing without social analytics, and Dachis Group is touting its ability to see in depth into social channels. This includes benchmarking performance, identifying influencers, measuring campaigns and creating reports. Visualizations are a big part of this package it seems, and Real Time Marketing will include a way to display news and trends in a dynamic way.

Furthermore, there is a Brand Performance index for visualizing performance by industry or competitor set in a customizable time frame. With a tool like this in hand, campaigns can be optimized faster, and results could be known sooner, making for a more fine tuned process.

Real Time Marketing appears to be a revamp of Dachis Group's Campaign Performance Monitor. That product came out a year ago, and there is no longer any mention of it on the company's website. Admittedly, the name Real Time Marketing is much more attention grabbing, but tool itself appears to be a bit more in depth than what Campaign Performance Monitor offered.

There also appears to be less of a focus on Facebook with Real Time Marketing, but we don't know if that is because of something specifically Facebook related or not. It could be the company has simply seen the incredible growth of LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram over the last year that it felt a refresh was in order.

Either way, there is little doubt marketers are zeroing in on the ability to target social media in real time, and whether or not Dachis Group can really pull it off, within in the next two years, somebody likely will.