Social software provider Dachis Group is launching a new SaaS application called Campaign Performance Monitor that measures the impact of social campaigns on brand performance. The application is designed to sift and analyze Big Data to enable brands to optimize campaigns while the campaigns are in progress and measure the brand lift generated.

More specifically, Campaign Performance Monitor offers a campaign setup tool that identifies campaign-relevant content contained in social media data using time frames, paid/owned calendars, hashtags, links, social accounts and keywords, and then learns what signal to include as a campaign executes.

Dashboards provide a real-time view into campaign performance and attributes, including signals, links, hashtags, participants, volume, sentiment and amplification to help understand what’s working and enable campaign optimization.

Other features include timelines designed to track and benchmark multiple campaigns within and across brand families and across social platforms, as well as pre-built reports that can be shared as slides with coworkers and managers.

Giving Facebook Admins What They Want

While Campaign Performance Monitor is designed to work across social media platforms, obviously Facebook is the most important social media network for brands and consumers. According to the AllFacebook blog, the solution provides Facebook administrators with functionality they have been looking for.

"It seems like pretty much every Facebook page administrator is looking for a way to track how well they’re doing,” stated blogger Justin Lafferty. “The new (Campaign Performance Monitor) software taps into a treasure trove of data to not only track pages’ performance, but help administrators figure out what fans and followers really respond to.” 

Dachis Group Aims for Easy Social Insight

Dachis Group has been busy this year developing solutions aimed at easing the process of analyzing social media content and trends to deliver insight into how brands and marketing campaigns are performing.

In May, Dachis Group released Employee Insights, a tool with supporting consulting services designed to help businesses speed adoption and improve monitoring of their employee advocacy programs. The platform uses Dachis’ Social Business Index, which analyzes signals from more than 100 million social sources globally and analyzes the performance of companies and their brands, to identify which employees that might be the best brand advocates based on their existing social media influence and attitude toward the company.

A month earlier, Dachis Group officially joined the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program and integrated its analytics platform with Facebook API. As a result, users of the platform were enabled to analyze Facebook posts and, combined with analysis from other data flows, determine things like post reach, engaged users, sentiment, virality score and more. Dachis released the platform, known as Social Analytics Monitor, as a free SaaS application with premium subscription services in January, making 2012 a very big year indeed for social insight at Dachis.