FusionLeaf, the brainchild of developer Joseph Spurrier, is now open to the public, and the open source CMS can build fully featured websites complete with analytics, rich text editing and all the tools we expect from a modern Web CMS.

If you're not a tech geek, the system can be used like a lever to create your site, but developers especially can most properly wield the new release, according to Spurrier.

Twitter-Based Architecture

FusionLeaf is based on a toolkit called Bootstrap, and it's the same base used by Twitter, among other websites. 


FusionLeaf is built for speed and currently operates in either Windows or Linux based environments.  

This makes any website built with FusionLeaf a natural for viewing on varied screen sizes like mobile devices. Additionally, the system supports search engine optimization and tools like a sitemap generator, menu builder and a theme selector.

Flexibility Rules

This is one reason FusionLeaf is geared to developers. It's very configureable. There's an internal code editor that can change database code or text code in files, and there's a help section with code snippets and reference samples.

Furthermore, FusionLeaf includes security features like protection from SQL injection attacks and disaster recovery in the form of single click backup and restore. As an open source system, FusionLeaf is free to download, and it comes as a CMS portion and a Stack install. The Stack helps turn your Windows machine into a web server and gets the CMS portion up and running. It won't even take up that much hard drive space (40MB).


The Basic toolkit can be upgraded to the advanced Web toolkit as familiarity is gained with FusionLeaf.

Along with the above mentioned tools, FusionLeaf allows admins to see logged in users and the authority to give or withdraw access with one click. While FusionLeaf at first glance appears to be a one man project, perhaps with the right user base, the PHP compatible system could really take off. Any developes out there willing to give it a spin?