After finding that premium peanut butter you love on your smartphone, you also see on a map the nearest physical retailer's web site. That kind of location functionality for consumers is now available to product makers free of charge from Cincinnati-based Dónde.

Anthony Nicalo, co-founder and CEO, told CMSWire his company previously had only a paid version of the product. "But now the full enterprise version is free," he said. Premium versions offer tools for additional data management and for connecting with the shopper, such as the ability to provide coupons.

Why is Dónde offering its basic service for free? Nicalo said his company believes "the ability to put locations [for a product] on a map should be a commodity," with added value from the customer analytics and management.

There is no limit on locations or traffic for the free version. Nicalo said that the free service demonstrates the impact a mobile location solution can have on foot traffic-based sales and on customer marketing data.

He added that a third of all web traffic comes from mobile searches, and 80 percent of those searches are looking for product locations. Customer behavior on mobile devices is focused toward "finding the nearest physical location" for a given product, he said.


A Dónde screen for entering product locations.

To use the service, a product maker signs up, adds locations and inserts some Dónde code into his website. Customers have click-to-call functionality and can receive directions to the nearest outlet with one click. While the service is oriented toward smartphones and tablets, it also works on PCs, and offers integration with Facebook, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Data Dashboard

Organized in a dashboard, data can include geographically-based customer trends with a heat map, whether directions were sought, which variations of a product were the most popular, which stores on the website were called on the phone, and the most popular keywords for searches.

A product marketer might use the data to develop specific sales and marketing efforts for a given location. If a lot of SkinnyPop Pocorn – one of Dónde 's customers – is being purchased at locations near commuter train stops in late afternoon and early evening, it likely means hungry commuters are stopping off for a snack before heading home – and a time-based coupon might lead to more pre-dinner sales.

Last month, Dónde announced it had closed on a million dollar investment round, led by VC firm Mercury Fund and including former ExactTarget Chief Marketing Officeer Tim Kopp.