Adobe didn't wait for the opening keynote at the Adobe Summit this morning to give its product update news. Instead the customer experience management (CXM) giant is let us in on some product updates to the Digital Marketing Suite early -- just to get you excited to get back to your desk and start working. Of course the opening keynote strongly focused on showing most of these new capabilities.

The Digital Marketing Suite Comes Full Circle

It was launched in June of 2011, but it wasn't complete. The Adobe Digital Marketing Suite was a combination of Web Experience Management via CQ 5.0, analytics and optimization via Omniture and some social to boot. Today, it gets some new features and functionality -- just enough to now offer an end-to-end digital marketing package.

Because it's conference day and I need to get over there soon to register (and I really need to eat), I'm going to run you quickly through the updates. As the next two days progress, we'll dig a little deeper into the details.

FYI -- I'm not listing these in order of importance:

Web Experience Management

This is version 5.5 of CQ and the demo I saw showed some nice new capabilities, including:

Contextual Personalization and Digital Experience Optimization

There is much deeper integration with Test & Target -- in fact, it's not really about integration any longer, but about configuration. If you have both, you just configure Test and Target to work with CQ.

Welcome Screen.png

A new Client Context tool will help you visualize a persona's experience as they go through all the different channels.

Client Context.png

Client Context

DAM Mission

Last time I spoke with Kevin Cochrane, he talked about the importance of Digital Asset Management to the customer experience strategy. With the release of CQ 5.5 we see a tight integration of workflows between CQ DAM and Adobe Creative Suite 5.x. Creative design is no longer a separate function.

Learning Opportunities

Mobile Apps

This one is pretty nice. With Adobe CQ (and with the help of the PhoneGap acquisition) you can now create mobile apps and HTML5 mobile sites. What's more important is that you don't have to wait for a developer to update your mobile apps with your content changes. Now the marketer will have the ability to modify elements of a mobile app on their own.


The Cloud Component

Also part of the new capabilities comes the beta release of the Cloud Manager to help marketers deal with increases in traffic on campaigns and other new initiatives as well as helping get new campaigns up and running quickly and smoothly.

The Missing Piece - eCommerce

This was the final piece of the Digital Marketing puzzle and Adobe has come out with a new partnership with hybris to provide integrated e-commerce capabilities. Said Kevin Cochrane, vice president of Product Strategy and Solution Marketing, Adobe. 

And the pressure to differentiate from competition through the buying experience is enormous. From navigating on a desktop, smartphone or tablet to sharing product experiences on social media, eCommerce today is increasingly interactive and content-rich. Adobe WEM will help marketers and retailers rise to the increasing expectations of consumers.”

This integration offers complete e-commerce capabilities from the front-end shopping to the backend integration with merchandising and product marketing. Product information and options will come from hybris in addition to order fulfillment and all analytics captured via hybris are directly available to the Digital Marketing Suite.

The e-Commerce capabilities are part of the WEM solution -- but currently only in beta, although you can expect general availability later this year.

And there's more

These weren't the only announcements. Others included social marketing and predictive marketing -- news products that we'll also be telling you about. So stay tuned.