Ektron announced a new partnership today with the Internet marketing company HubSpot. Good news for Ektron customers who want an all-in-one customer experience solution.

Digital Experience Management

According to Tom Wentworth, Chief Marketing Officer for Ektron, Ektron has always had a great story when talking to enterprises about the ability to plug-in (integrate) with other solutions needed to deliver a complete customer experience suite.

Ektron has the web content management capabilities down and its recent update offered some nice improvements for editors and developers alike. When it comes to the other parts of a CXM solution, Ektron's motto is to integrate with the best of breed to ensure enterprises can leverage existing investments in software such as CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics), marketing automation (Marketo) and analytics (Google Analytics, Webtrends).

But what about the enterprises or mid-market customers who may not already have some of this CXM technology in house? What if they want an all-in-one solution? Ektron didn't have a story that sold to these customers -- until now.

It's called the Digital Experience Management Suite (DEM). Let's set aside the new acronym for now and focus on the partnership.

The Ektron/HubSpot Partnership

Wentworth said that this is a very strategic partnership for both HubSpot and Ektron. For HubSpot, a name which is seen more and more when you look for inbound marketing solutions, this is a great opportunity to get more traction in the enterprise. For Ektron, it's a way to offer it's customers an all-in-one CXM suite without having to build the entire solution itself.

Now Wentworth pointed out that it's not an exclusive partnership contractually, but both companies are deeply committed to making this partnership work. Along with a technical integration (the details we are waiting to hear about), there's also a sales/marketing dimension where Ektron is able to directly sell HubSpot to its customers and HubSpot will refer customers to Ektron for content management.

Why did Ektron choose HubSpot over all the other vendors in the field? Wentworth pointed to a great match in both vision for the future and ambitions (neither wants to build the software the other one sells). Ektron also liked that HubSpot had the ability to support both the mid-market and enterprise customers.

The HubSpot DXM Connector

The technical details are not available, but we do know it will be a HubSpot connector for Ektron's Digital Experience Hub. This connector will be bi-directional and will take advantage of HubSpot's extensive set of APIs (which will likely grow as the partnership develops). And it will offer the following capabilities at a high level:

  1. Acquire Customers
  2. Get relevant data to personalize the customer's experience
  3. Consistency across channels
  4. Marketing Analytics

So, if you are a mid-market vendor looking for a CXM solution that offers you everything you need, without the hassle of buying many different technologies, this is one to check out. Even if you are an enterprise vendor, if you haven't made extensive investments, check out Ektron and HubSpot, then look closely at the upcoming integration. You might like what's offered.