Social media monitoring has evolved over time to include more and more metrics, insights and trends that keeping up with it all is nearly impossible. Finding a single platform from which to monitor it all is never as easy or affordable as you want it to be, especially if you’re a non-profit or smaller business. Until now. Thanks to, not only can you effectively monitor your brand, but you can target your users where they are.

A Social Layer to Your CRM

Most organizations have a customer relationship management tool that collects customer information like email and addresses so you can effectively send communication through more reliable and traditional communication methods. But many of your customers also live online and gather in specific communities.

With, you can import your customer lists to identify the social networks on which they are most active and engaged. From there, you can aggregate the data to identify key trends, influencers and conversations taking place.


Users can segment lists so trends across specific groups can be tracked. Better yet, engagement and metrics within these groups can be tracked throughout Additionally, users can set up watched terms -- keywords associated with your company or organization -- so messages can be crafted accordingly and sent out to those discussing key issues.


An example of's watched terms dashboard

Filters allow users to dive deeper into trends by network, by member type (donors, influencers, students, etc.) and by word. Results can be easily exported so those lists can be targeted via your CRM.

communityStats_attentively.png shows stats about your community based on their activity on social networks that can help organizations better engage and customize messages.

A Recommendation Engine has been evolving to offer more options for users. Most recently it added recommendations for managers based on customer behaviors. For example, if someone mentioned you on Twitter, you’ll be alerted to reply to them or thank them.

The platform also shows a history of the actions you have taken as a result of these recommendations so as to streamline the workflow for multiple users.


Social Causes

For larger consumer brands, there are many social media monitoring platforms that can seamlessly integrate with CRMs, but for many smaller non-profit organizations or campaign causes, finding affordable and useful tools to extend the reach of your member lists can be difficult. was founded specifically to meet the needs of these types of organizations, so most non-profits will feel right at home.

At present, the platform focuses specifically on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, but is looking to expand into other networks over time. Additionally, users can import and export lists directly from the platform with Salsa and Action List CRMs. Pricing is based on the size of the list imported and includes various additional support features depending on the size.

Want a test drive? has set up a test account that lets users use the dashboard based on what Members of Congress are saying on Twitter and Facebook.