Ensighten Partners with GSI Commerce for Real-time Tag Management

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Tag management system provider, Ensighten has announced it will partner with GSI Commerce, where the latter will be integrating its marketing solutions into Ensighten's tag management solution to improve the digital marketing field.

A Single Place to Manage Marketing Tags

With its tag management system,Ensighten has enabled marketers to edit and manage marketingtags (or small sections of JavaScript code that are added to regular and eCommerce websites for analytics, online ad display, retargeting and content optimization purposes). By having more control over tagging, which is categorized by visitor, session and page, marketers can incorporate this data into another platform, such as another website, tablet, e-reader or mobile application. Recent product releases from Ensighten include Do Not Track, which gives publishers the ability to remove the tag that uses cookies anda real-time tagging service for mobile applications.

GSI Commerce, which was bought by eBay in 2011, has focused on retail marketing; supplying these companies with multichannel marketing solutions which enable marketers to personalize a customer's shopping experience in hopes of increasing conversion and ROI rates.

GSI Apps Available in Ensighten

In a statement, Ensighten says that tagging is not only an important part of e-commerce marketing, but marketing in general.

Learning Opportunities

Today’s digital marketers need a better methodology for efficiently deploying digital marketing solutions in a timely fashion that is enterprise and global in scope." said Steve Denton, head of GSI global marketing solutions products."After conducting a thorough review of tag management technologies, we selected Ensighten as a tag management partner due to its superior technology, market traction, and the ability to meet the exacting technical demands of GSI’s clients. Given the traction we are seeing with customers, we are pleased to extend the value Ensighten offers to all GSI clients via this partnership."

In bringing the two organizations together, this partnership gives marketers more tag control and website management, which will improve the overall customer experience and allow business to reach their marketing goals.

Some of the GSI solutions that will be added to the platform include:

  • ClearSaleing: a platform for operational and multi-channel marketing.
  • e-Dialog: An email marketing tool.
  • Fetchback: a targeted display advertising solution.
  • PepperJam Exchange: a next generation affiliate marketing network.

Despite this announcement, it hasn't been stated when the GSI solutions will be available on the tag management platform.