Ensighten Releases v2.0 of Tag Management Platform, with Visual Tagger, Collaboration Support

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Tag management vendor Ensighten has been keeping busy. In the last week, the Cupertino, California-based company has made a stream of announcements, including the 2.0 launch of its platform. 

Ensighten said that its updated Manage platform, which it describes as the “industry’s only real-time tag management system,” better allows non-technical business users to master advanced techniques that are designed to improve visitor engagement.

Wizards, App Library

Non-technical users are aided by a new interface and step-by-step wizards. With Visual Tagger, users can configure tags or create a data layer while looking at the website. Instead of “trudging through HTML to find tags,” the company said, users can just click on a web page to reveal them. Enhanced segmentation, profiling, targeting and personalization are designed to enable greater analytics and optimization capabilities.

Ensighten Visual Tagger.png
Visual Tagger in the Ensighten platform

An App Library offers pre-configured app modules, which are intended to streamline the process of adding digital marketing services, including those from third-party vendors, by allowing services to be added via drag-and-drop.

Learning Opportunities

The new version also offers added control over tag behavior, so that users have more latitude to create business rules for when/where tags are triggered, with granular control based on visitor, session or page. The workflow has also been updated to facilitate collaboration on tag editing, testing, approval and deployment among team members.

One Trillion Tags

Recently, the company announced that SessionCam technology, which records each scroll, click and keyboard entry of a visitor, is now supported through the Ensighten console, so that SessionCam can be deployed throughout an entire website and marketers can get a better sense of user flow.

And, in what could become a new competition for tagging vendors, Ensighten recently announced that it had served a record one trillion website tags in 2012. Last year, the company also opened its first overseas office, closed a major new round of financing, expanded it leadership team and doubled its overall staff, received a patent for its advanced privacy technology, and launched Ensighten Mobile 2.0 for tagging mobile apps.

A tag management system (TMS) provides tools for adding, modifying and removing digital marketing tags on a Web page, through an on-premise or hosted solution. Tags are frequently used to track and guide digital marketing on a site, such as for affiliate marketing, personalization, SEO, shopping comparison engines, or display or paid search advertising, as well as for site analytics.