Content Curation isn't new. In fact, it's an element of content strategy that hasn't evolved too much beyond sharing, retweeting and aggregating news. Until now. Trapit, a leading provider of content curation solutions has announced its new Content Curation Center for marketers today at Content Marketing World.

Content Curation Gets an Upgrade

For the record, Trapit isn't new either. Its news aggregation service, built with AI technology developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), helps users discover content on the web. Originally launched in 2011 as an app-based platform through which publishers and media companies use curate rich, interactive content experiences on mobile and web, Trapit discovers quality, relevant content that might get overlooked through basic news search engines

With its new Content Curation Center, Trapit offers content marketers a powerful and intuitive application that automates the costly and tedious task of discovering, trapping and delivering a steady stream of relevant, timely and unique content. It's the same platform, with more sophisticated capabilities, like advanced filtering so content can be discovered based on its location, quality score, whether or not it has rich media among others. Not only that, the Content Curation Center includes a library of more than 100,000 carefully vetted public Internet sources of original content, though marketers are able to add their own sources.

Smarter Curation Breeds Better Engagement

Content curation is an essential component of one's content strategy for a variety of reasons. It not only helps brands and companies generate ideas for original content, it can also help brands establish authority by sharing content that supports claims or highlights different viewpoints.

Yet unlike other curation tools, which may use less accurate recommendation techniques like “crowd sourcing” or “collaborative filtering," Trapit's algorithms provide fast and accurate content recommendations and respond to user feedback to create personalized experiences. As a result, each user creates their own unique curation experience, which changes and improves each time the recommended content is processed by the user.



Ultimately, content curation should help facilitate better, smarter engagement. With Trapit's Content Curation Center, marketers have the means to build and manage dynamic and captivating collections on whatever topics helps capture their follower's attention.