Content marketing isn't just about creating content. While many organizations will tell you that content creation is among their biggest marketing challenges, successful content marketing also depends on sharing and curating content. 

Content, Curation & Collaboration

Over the past few years, we've highlighted new curation and content delivery tools. Many have come and gone, while others have stuck around. Content curation is more than just collecting relevant content from the corners of the web, it's also about collaboration. Whether or not enterprise collaboration breeds productivity, sharing and commenting on content can help connect people to the right information. 

Here are three tools that are using content curation and delivery to improve the way information is shared and used. 


Somewhere in between and RebelMouse is Meddle. If you’re looking for a way to display your blog content in a dynamic, magazine-like blog page, look no further than this new content delivery platform. 

Meddle is a micro-blogging platform that lets you create content to showcase your expertise in a professional manner, in lieu of maintaining a blog or creative portfolio. In return, Meddle becomes a professional-looking showcase of a user’s skills, insights and capabilities.

You don’t necessarily need to publish in a traditional manner either to benefit from Meddle.Commenting on others blogs, sharing articles via social media is considered creating content in the eyes of Meddle.

Meddle offers a browser plug-in that makes it easy to extract interesting excerpts from online content you’re reading and share it along with your insightful comment.


Looking for specific types of content to curate? With Opentopic, users can find and publish interesting content. Opentopic sells itself as a one stop platform to manage your content initiatives.

Its search engine helps you cut through irrelevant results to find the content sources that relate to your business or interests. Opentopic lets users organize and bundle your sources in categories, with aggregated streams that constantly refresh with new articles.

Learning Opportunities


Examples of Opentopc curated microsites

The goal is to help organizations and professionals build and engage audiences through smart curation, social media sharing, and customizable home pages.

What might you use Opentopic for? You can build an interactive microsite, publishcontent to the web, share it directly to Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, or create a custom newsletter combining the top stories of the day and your own original content. With Opentopic and its flexible automated curation, users can manage the conversation around their brand across platforms.


Content comes in all shapes and sizes, all forms -- the written, spoken and photographed. Bundlr lets users create bundles with any kind of content: articles, photos, videos, tweets, quotes and links. Using “Bundle This!”, Bundlrʼs browser button, content can be clipped while browsing the Internet. Just press the button to save the content you want, and the meta-data around it, to the bundle you pick. Each bundle has its own public webpage that can be shared through its link or on social networks or embedded on any website.


Bundlr also has a special bundle service for events. Event organizers can pick photos taken at the event, slides and videos of the talks, and comments from social media, which then can be collected in one place. Once created, bundles can be shared with your attendees, speakers, sponsors and press so everyone has a designated place to talk about the event.

Create Engaging Content Experiences

Individually, each of these content curation and delivery tools helps users collect and distribute information that helps bring context to them, their interests and brand. Together, they represent a strong component of a healthy content marketing strategy. Just as social media marketing is more than than just pushing out information, it’s about initiating conversations and strengthening engagement, content marketing is more than just creating engaging content -- it’s also about delivery engaging content experiences.