eZ Publish Further Integrates with Adobe InDesign

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eZ Publish Further Integrates with Adobe InDesign
We live in a digital world, but companies often still need to publish print materials for brochures and internal reports, and that's why eZ Publish has further integrated Adobe InDesign for a less technical workflow.

No More InDesign Tagging

Adobe InDesign is a powerful publishing system, but like other Adobe creative tools, there's a bit of a steep learning curve, particularly with the advanced features. eZ Publish, already integrates with InDesign through an add on module called eZ OpenMagazine, a tool built in a partnership with a company called Opencontent.

This tool is for those who need to create print materials in addition to the usual cast of Web, social and mobile content. In the past however, in order to properly format InDesign content for use in eZ Publish, Adobe technical experts had to manually go into InDesign and tag the eZ Publish content so that architecture would fit into the layout structure for InDesign templates.

With this update, eZ OpenMagazine offers an interface that allows for mapping the content structure without manually doing the tagging. That means one less step, possibly even one less person, and a streamlined process.

Automating Publications

Using tools like eZ OpenMagazine allows for a create once, publish everywhere approach, and that it includes print should make it a bit more useful for a wider variety of users. Obviously news organizations that carry on the print legacy might find this tool handy, but even for those who only need to print materials periodically, this update seems like a good fit.

eZ Publish Further Integrates with Adobe InDesign
Map eZ Publish styles to the Adobe IDML (InDesign markup language) format for print publishing.

Learning Opportunities

OpenMagazine version 2 also includes a way to create an entire publication by exporting a whole magazine to the print production. This is helped along by the fact OpenMagazine now supports the Adobe IDML format, a way to transfer more complicated layouts like tables from eZ Publish.

Additionally, fonts can now be mapped to InDesign, and more granular controls introduced there so stlyes can be defined in a variety of ways. OpenMagazine v2 is available now for download in the eZ Market. It's compatible with eZ Publish Enterprise 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7. That means community users of eZ Publish, the free open source version, won't have access to this tool.

Futhermore, while eZ Publish v5.1 was released in June, it's likely the system is just too new to have this update compatible with it. Other requirements for OpenMagazine v2 are eZ Publish extensions ezmultiupload, ezwebin, ezfind, ezwt, ezjscore and Adobe InDesign CS5.

While Adobe products can be expensive, and the use cases for printing materials may not be vast, this update would still be super useful for anyone considering it. As noted above, InDesign is powerful, but unwieldy, so any advances in simplifying its integration into publishing processes is good progress we think.

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