The latest eZ Publish Enterprise release includes a Mobile Kit, new public API concept and enhanced enterprise search.

eZ Systems AS, an open-source web content management platform provider out of Norway, announces the 4.6 release of eZ Publish Enterprise, code-named Annapuma. The latest release includes the addition of a Mobile Kit for cross-platform mobile site access.

What's New in 4.6

In a blog post, eZ's Lead Engineer for Documenation, Geir Arne Waaler, writes:

In this new release, named after the beautiful Annapurna in the Himalayas, the developments are moving in two directions. We are building a new Public API that is being tested and commented on by the eZ Community in the community edition of eZ Publish. And these innovations will reach the enterprise version of eZ Publish in the Etna release for May 2012."

Waaler says that the most important changes in the latest release are:

  • Direct upload (AJAX) support when dealing with object relations
  • The eZ Form token extension for cross-site request forgery (CSFRF) protection
  • A new enterprise Upgrade Kit to streamline upgrading
  • A "face lift" for the online editor with TinyMCE 3.4
  • Custom tabs in the admin interface
  • A new template operator, pagelink, in eZ Flow
  • PUT and DELETE method support in the REST API
  • New eZ Find 2.6 with Apache Soir 3.1

Soir 3.x, an open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project, allows eZ Publish site visitors to perform cross-system searches with tunable relevancy ranking, sorting and keyword highlighting.

New Extensions

Site visitors can now have a customized browsing experience with the YOOCHOOSE eZ Recommendation Service. When customers visit an eZ website, the new extension collects data from each visit to create real-time updates to their profiles so new content can be served based on their interests. eZ Systems announced the purchase of YOOCHOOSE GmbH earlier this year.

Advanced web traffic reports are now available from eZ Web Analytics provided by Odoscope. The customizable analytics dashboard shows click streams and a "filterable heat map" of site visitor behavior. This feature was announced in October.