Today Norwegian Web Content Management vendor eZ Systems (news, site) added another dash of customer experience management spice to its Web CMS, chalking-up the acquisition of personalization provider YOOCHOOSE GmbH.

The YOOCHOOSE technology will be integrated and offered under the eZ Publish Enterprise Edition Platform umbrella. The product aims to increase customer retention and engagement by powering personalized news, images, videos and events recommendations in real time.

New Name: eZ Recommender Engine

Officially dubbed the eZ Recommender Engine, the YOOCHOOSE integration provides opportunities for creating dynamic and unique experiences for each customer visit by collecting data and creating real-time updates to the user profile. In other words, when a customer visits a website from any device, personalized recommendations of all types are automatically delivered based on an analysis of his or her unique interests.

Key features include:

  • Calculation of personalized recommendations
  • Context- and situation-dependent adaptation of recommendation results
  • Multiple fall-back recommendations to always deliver the best results
  • Optimization of recommendation results via filters
  • Statistical reporting on usage and end user acceptance

“The acquisition of YOOCHOOSE was very strategic for eZ Systems,” explained Gabriele Viebach, CEO of eZ Systems AS. "Our customers are required to address the end visitor with a more sophisticated experience and the addition of YOOCHOOSE and the recommendation technology is an important enhancement for the eZ Systems platform to optimize on future market trends and fulfill these foreseen requirements.”

Learning Opportunities

Raising the Customer Experience Management Bar 

Recommendation engines have seen a resurgence with Customer Experience Management being all the rage.  They theoretically enable marketers to increase the relevancy of digital experiences and promote user loyalty. Such is also key to delivering a successful customer experience, as today's consumers are slowly but surely learning to expect a unique experience each time they connect.

As a result, lots of players are developing or buying their way into this space. Recent activity includes OpenText's purchase of VignetteOracle's acquisition of Fatwire, Adobe's acquisition of Day Software and SDL Tridion's SmartTarget module, which originally came via acquisition.

"It is becoming more and more difficult for end users to find the right product among a sprawling abundance of offerings," said Michael Friedmann, Chief Technology Officer of YOOCHOOSE. "Our integration with eZ’s Platform allows marketing to control the entire Web experience from the content strategy to the recommendation of additional information that can optimize the end-user’s visit."

The YOOCHOOSE Recommender Engine is available in 2 variations:

  • Basic: recommendations are based on the behavioral pattern of all users and can be used out-of-the-box without need for further customization.
  • Premium: recommendations add features like personalization, sophisticated filters and statistical reporting to maximize the value of this service.