This week our Facebook App of the Week is Pagemodo, an app designed to give Facebook fan pages and tabs a more professional look.

Pagemodo gives users the ability to professionally customize fan pages without having to know HTML or any specific graphic design skills. With this app, Pagemodo aims to improve the customer experience by giving businesses one of the first things needed to properly engage with consumers on social networks -- a professional looking Facebook fan page. 

How Does Pagemodo Work?

Once a user clicks on the app, they’re directed to an account on the Pagemodo website. There they are asked if they want to create a timeline photo for their fan page or a custom Facebook tab. 

  • If a user chooses the tab option they are redirected to the dashboard where they click Create New Tab. After a choosing a theme for the tab, they can modify its layout, background image and content. After customizing the tab, users (if they have a Agency account) can then choose to include a ‘like button. Once the page is finished users click publish and it should appear, after a few moments the Facebook page.


  • The cover photo option is relatively new, as it goes a long with the Facebook timeline update. In order to customize a cover photo users, when at their dashboard, first have to choose which page this photo is for and then choose a theme. Themes range from a single image, to four squares, to a bubble. In the Edit Background Image page, users can then choose which photo or photos they want to include as well as the colors. They can choose their own images or pre-loaded backgrounds from Pagemodo. Once this step is finished users will be able to edit the content and change how the photo or photo looks in their cover photo.


The Cost of Pagemodo

Once users give the app access to their Facebook account they're automatically signed up for a free Pagemodo account, but there are also three paid options.

  • Free: With this option, users are allowed to make one tab and one fanpage, as well as cover photos and have access to the builder, hosting features and a support forum.
  • Basic: The basic option is available for US$ 6.25 a month. With this option, users have all of the basic options, as well as the option to create three tabs. They also won't have a 'created with Pagemodo' footer at the bottom of the fanpage and can talk about issues with the app through the support forum and through email support. 
  • Pro: This option is available for US$ 13.25 a month. In addition to all of the other features from the previous versions, users can create unlimited tabs and three fan pages. They have access to more professionally designed page templates, can add like buttons to their pages, use Google analytics and have the 'powered by Pagemodo' statement removed from tabs. Pro Users also have access to the support forum and premium email support.
  • Agency: For US$ 33.25 a month users have access to all of the previously mentioned features. They also have unlimited tabs, an unbranded feature, which allows clients to update pages and contact forms that don’t have the Pagemodo brand on them. Users who choose this option also have access to Agency Support.

Final Thoughts

Pagemodo is a useful app for those who want to create a professional looking fan page, but don’t have the time to design it themselves. The free and basic options would only be useful to those who own very small businesses, larger companies or those who need to promote a lot of products should consider the Pro or Agency options.