Facebook has entered the app game in some style with a new store for browsers, iOS and Android devices to create a new place for developers to sell their games, social apps and other fun.

The Missing Link

Facebook has always been a bit schizophrenic with all those social apps and games on the desktop browser and mere "keeping in touch" features on the smartphone apps. That changes now with the company's announcement of a full app store.

Rolling out in the near future, it will let users access the App Center on the web, from iOS and Android devices, where all canvas, mobile and HTML5 web apps that follow the company's guidelines will be listed. The company recommends that all developers should start preparing today to make sure their app is included for the launch.


Facebook's mass of apps are going mobile

Learning Opportunities

Monetized to the Hilt

Having watched the likes of Apple and Google rake in the cash from mobile app sales, Facebook will hit its IPO with this new weapon in its locker, driving huge revenue from paid-for apps, plus in-game and in-app purchases. Having yesterday announced Facebook offers, and now the company's app store (unveiled in a company Facebook post), things are looking good for its launch as a public company. 

Not only will Facebook's store host apps, it will also link to existing apps on other stores, such as Apple's one, to save replicating apps, as well as directing users to existing web apps, making it's App Center, more of a superguide to other app stores as well as its own marketplace. Should Facebook ever decide to launch an official smartphone, then this store will help create a vibrant marketplace.

Facebook users should also be able to use those apps they enjoy on the desktop on their iPhones or Android devices. Which will only help Facebook's bottom line as they consumer more offers, buy more Farmville goodies and so on. That should also provide a huge boost to app and game makers as they enjoy the benefits of this new cash pipeline.