Facebook Pages Manager App Makes Community Management Easier

2 minute read
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This morning I added the new Facebook Pages Manager app to my iPhone. While it takes up real estate beside my Facebook app and the Facebook Messenger app, it is a valuable addition.  

Facebook Community Management Goes Mobile

If you’ve ever tried to manage a Facebook page from within the traditional Facebook app, you understand why this new app is welcomed. Using the Facebook Pages Manager app, community managers can respond, post and comment on a page, plus post updates and photos. Just install the free app, login to your Facebook account and select the page you want to manage.

FB Page Manager1.jpeg

Example of page feed from Facebook Pages Manager app

New Capabilities

Now you can post updates and photos as the brand, access insights and get push notifications about page activity.  As far as insights, the stats are rather basic and no advanced options are available. (Furthermore, the screenshot of the insights featured on the App install age doesn’t exactly mirror the layout that showed up on my iPhone -- so either they received a last minute update or it’s coming soon).

Learning Opportunities

FB Page Manager2.jpeg
FB Page Manager3.jpeg


As Facebook strives to make its network more mobile-friendly, the Facebook Pages Manager is a step in the right direction. Being away from your desktop is no excuse for not managing your Facebook page. Additionally, there is so much that I can get done from my iPhone that it’s astounding that it took so long for Facebook to offer this functionality. However, I’m sure that we can see more updates from Facebook as it evolves this app and the App Center it's building.