Flipboard Magazines Now Available on Desktop

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Mobile may be considered the "wave of the future," but one mobile only tool is seeing the benefit of the desktop. Flipboard web magazines can now be viewed from both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Reaching the Consumer Across All Channels

At its core, Flipboard is designed to bring magazine and newspapers into the digital world with mobile-based digital publications. The company today moved away from its mobile only format so the magazines can be viewed on web browsers. This opens the magazine's content up to readers who are not current Flipboard users.

These web magazines will look and work much like they do on mobile devices with left to right page flipping capabilities. The magazine creation process remains the same, only with the added scale of readership that the web access provides. 

A number of browsers support Flipboard, including Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Magazines can be also be translated in 11 different languages, including Chinese, Japanese, French and German.

Learning Opportunities

Is Desktop the Way to Go?

Most reports found that while mobile to desktop isn't the usual path for product releases, this release from Flipboard shows more a digital rejuvenation and belief in a fledgling industry.

Flipboard wants to help the media industry transition from print to digital,” wrote Donna Tam. “The company, which works with publishers to put original content on Flipboard along with inserted advertisements, thinks it can help the print journalism industry make money again.”

Others noted that while mobile is growing, not all users are on these devices all day, so having a way to read magazines and other publications during a mobile downtime will not only help consumers, but publishers.

Desktop access has been one of Flipboard’s most requested features,” wrote Christina Bonnington. “The app’s web viewing capabilities will open it up to a wider audience, simultaneously giving avid magazine creators … a broader reach for their own creations.”

Flipboard in the News

Flipboard has gone through only one other minor update within the last year. In March they launched Flipboard 2.0 for Android.