Flurry Enables Mobile Ad Tracking With Flurry Ad Analytics

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 Mobile app measurement/advertising platform Flurry is introducing Flurry Ad Analytics, an analytics-powered service for mobile ad marketers. Flurry Ad Analytics is designed to track quality, follow-on behavior and ROI of traffic related to campaigns across major mobile ad networks.

Measuring Mobile Ad Effectiveness by User Behavior

Flurry has built Ad Analytics on top of its Flurry Analytics ad analytics service. Ad Analytics tracks and clicks mobile ad installations for attribution to specific campaigns and traffic sources. The new service also tracks user behavior after download of a mobile ad and allows marketers to define user quality measurement parameters, including demographics, usage intensity and completion of specific events.

Why should marketers pay so much attention to mobile performance? According to research released by Flurry in January 2012, about 1.2 billion mobile apps were downloaded globally during the final week of 2011 alone. This traditional "power week" for consumer mobile device access also saw more than 20 million Android and iOS devices activated. Flurry predicts weeks with 1 billion global mobile app downloads will become more common this year. The weekly average during the first two weeks of December 2011 was a very healthy 750 million.

Learning Opportunities

Mobile Ads: What to Look For

In April 2012, CMSWire published a guide to understanding mobile advertising. Marketers considering using Flurry Ad Analytics may want to keep some of the recommended metrics in mind when setting measurement parameters. These include:

  • eCPM -- Estimated cost per thousand, or the amount a publisher is paid on average per thousand impressions
  • CTR -- Click-through rate, or how often a user clicks on an ad compared to how often it is shown
  • Impressions -- How many times a mobile ad is displayed
  • Refresh Rate -- How often a new ad is loaded.
  • Fill Rate -- How often an ad is delivered compared to how many times it is requested
  • Ad Units -- Dimensions of a mobile ad
  • Category -- Subject of the app or mobile site hosting an ad
  • Platform -- Type of device a mobile ad is delivered on

Ad Analytics works for existing Flurry Analytics users and is priced on a per installation basis, starting at five cents per install with the price declining per install as volume increases. Integration with Flurry Analytics is required and the application will be generally available next month.