ForeSee released today new multichannel capabilities and technologies included in its cx360 platform that it says helps organizations improve the customer experience by providing analytics across multiple touch points.

Enhanced Features

The ForeSee cx360 platform is powered by voice-of-customer measurement, predictive analytics and ForeSee’s proprietary methodology.

customer experience, ForeSee Touts All-In-One Customer Experience Analytics Platform

The ForeSee cx360 platform features an executive portal that provides visibility into all measured touch points of a multichannel customer experience (i.e., contact center, mobile, store, Web, social, email and relationship) in one place.

It includes:

  • An executive portal that provides visibility into all measured touch points of a multichannel customer experience in one place
  • Company-levelperformance metrics from a customer relationship perspective and/orthrough the combined performance across channels and experience touchpoints
  • Multichannel insights that produce data on thecombined effect of experiences at different points of engagement as wellas the dynamic interaction between touch points
  • Benchmarkingto put an organization’s multichannel performance in context withcompetitors and peers. (The benchmarking is against other ForeSeeclients, but ForeSee noted that it will provide clients withindustry-wide analytics.)

Why This Product?

CMSWire caught up this week with John Williams, senior VP of products and services at ForeSee, headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI. We asked him the product’s “wow factor.”

Williams said an executive at Crocs called the product “game-changing.”

“He can now show on a single screen a consistent set of metrics across all key channels to the executive team and put it all in one place,” Williams told CMSWire. “It tells a story how they’re serving customers in those different touch points. That’s unprecedented. You almost never get that across-the-business view. It’s traditionally all individual.”

ForeSee would not release its pricing on the product but did say the executive portal is an “added cost,” while the multiple-channel benchmarking is free. 

Analytics, Web Content Management Key

What’s important today for customer experience channels in terms of technology today?

Learning Opportunities

Forrester reported in May that the top two technologies are analytics tools and web content management. The report, "The State of Digital Experience Customer Technology," surveyed more than 200 digital customer experience professionals. Slightly more than half (56 percent) said analytics strategies and tools were among their priorities, including web analytics, social analytics, predictive analytics, behavioral analytics and mobile analytics.

Some companies struggle to find the right IT staff to handle these and other tools, and, based on interviews, Forrester has identified the key missing staff as data-literate developers.

Have a Plan

Remember, though, no matter the solution, customer analytics needs a concrete plan before you dive into the numbers.

According to a McKinsey Report called "Big Data: What’s Your Plan," the missing step for most companies, authors say, is spending the time required to create a simple plan for how data, analytics, frontline tools, and people come together to create business value.

This alone can help prevent many of the issues companies struggle with when deploying customer analytics. Include information about the type of data that will be collected, the kinds of analytic models that will be used to glean value, and the specific tools that will be used to collect, analyze, and share information.