Ever feel that online customer support has all the impersonality of a bot? Customer support provider Freshdesk wants to counter that feeling. This week, the company is introducing customization capabilities to its platform so that businesses can personalize their support.

The customizability, called FreshThemes, provides a variety of ready-to-use look-and-feel themes, as well as the ability for a company to completely customize the design with their own cascading style sheets, JavaScript and layouts.

Booz & Company Study

In announcing FreshThemes, the company referenced a 2003 study by Booz & Company that described the revenue growth benefits of offering customized products and services. Freshdesk’s cloud-based help desk supports customer interaction through email, phone, website, Facebook or Twitter, and is offered in a freemium model that, for up to three agents, is free.


With FreshThemes, businesses can customize the Freshdesk support portal to more closely reflect the look, layout and functional components of their main website. Or they could offer what Freshdesk describes as a “minimalist” help desk, with just a selected list of FAQs and tickets. Another variation could show order information for the customer and other products that the customer might be interested in. The customization also extends to the steps in ticketing, so that, for example, the customer could progress through questions that are based on previous answers or selections.


Freshdesk CEO Girish Methrubootham said in a statement that “tomorrow’s most loved brands realize that you can’t really please your customers with one experience in a store and a totally different feel on your help desk.” The company said its solution allows businesses to maintain the same look and feel through every customer touch point, including interactions via a website, voice over a phone, a mobile app or social media. A key emphasis for most customer experience specialists is that companies should maintain a consistent experience across channels.


FreshTheme - Road Ahead

Concurrent with the FreshThemes launch, Freshdesk is also launching its FreshPlugs library, which was announced in November. FreshPlugs allows third-party data to be integrated into the platform, from tools, databases, legacy systems or applications such as Google Maps, FedEx, UPS tracking or sentiment analysis. Sample use cases include the ability for in-the-field support teams to see inside a ticket where an issue exists on Google Maps, or the display of loyalty points and return history for a customer while a refund claim is being processed.