Gigya Helps Manage the Connected Consumer

With 700 enterprises using its platform, Gigya is connecting 1.5 billion consumers on a monthly basis. Harnessing the power of data -- big data -- for marketers is what the cloud-based platform does. 

Driving Personalization & Relevancy

Personalization, context, relevancy -- these are all the keywords of the day, things software vendors strive to offer and marketers long to provide. Gigya initially offered a number of tools to help marketers, from social login, to registration as a service, to social plugins and gamification, that provide these capabilities. Now, it has bundled these tools and more into a single suite called the Connected Consumer Management Suite that is managed by marketers (you can still get the components separately).

The overall idea is that brands can have a single location to store identity and behavior data for all its customers, and use this information to improve the user experience. Gigya's social infrastructure can be integrated into websites, apps, point-of-sales systems and other systems via NEXUS partners (eg. Marketo, WordPress, Disqus, Salesforce).

Ensuring Privacy is Top of Mind

One of the things that stands out for me with this platform is the Social Compliance. According to Gigya CEO Patrick Sayer, social compliance is programmatically built into the platform. So, for example, it adheres automatically to Facebook compliance rules.

Gigya did a survey with consumers on the topic of privacy. They found that 53% of the 3,000 consumers surveyed use social login. Of those that didn't, there were concerns of spamming (themselves and their friends), or having their data sold.

Last year, to help combat these kinds of fears, Gigya partnered with the Future of Privacy forum, ConnectSafely, and Stanford University, to create the Gigya Privacy and Safety Board. It launched a verisign for social login, which is essentially a virtual handshake that says consumer data will not be sold. The move has increased sign-ups drammatically.


Gigya on the CRM Watchlist

Gigya made the CRM Watchlist for 2013 on ZDNet, listed alongside the likes of Jive Software, Attensity, Lithium and more. According to Paul Greenberg, who manages the Watchlist:

What makes this product suite so powerful is that it integrates well into the systems that the customers already have and is a seamless part of the business’s multichannel programs.  It is a pre-fabricated (with lots of customization capabilities) social framework that simply works."

Gigya is a company that is certainly going places. It has brought Paul Farmer on board as CFO, a move that is taking it from small time to big time as they work to build their presence in new markets. It is a B2C platform for the most part with some pretty big-named clients, but B2B is in there and could well grow in importance as B2B brands build their own social presences.