customer experience: GoSquared analytics

Web analytics provider GoSquared has announced it's going through a redesign and will concentrate more on growth and engagement metrics.

A Change Will Do You Good

The way people engage and interact on the internet is changing. While there are those who still use webpages and browsers, there are also a large amount of users who are now using mobile apps. According to GoSquared this means that older measurement techniques are no longer as useful, such as page views and bounce rates because they don’t give marketers a complete picture of their company’s customers or social followers.

While raw data can be useful, providing context for actions taken is an altogether more powerful and useful tool, that should enable site and content owners to get a better idea of what really sticks with their audience,” wrote Ben Woods.

With GoSquared's redesigned interface, users will be able to measure “Now” and “Trends” data. These metrics include real-time ‘real visitor activity’ and engagement through scroll depth, how much time was spent on a site, screen swipes, clicks and touches on mobile devices. Growth data is seen by looking at how certain trends have changed over time, such as on a week-on-week basis.

On the dashboard, this information is categorized for easy access. Within the Now and Trends tabs users can see a notification list of when an item was last updated, while also separating data by source type, device type, visitor location, visitor language, engagement, bounce rates, pageviews and by content type.

GoSquared Now analytics

GoSquared users also have access to a ‘mobile view’ feature so that they and other company members can see engagement and growth levels when away from the office or a desktop computer.

According to GoSquared any data analysis a user requests can be delivered in about five minutes, compared to its competitors, which the analytics provider says can take anywhere between four and 24 hours.

Who are GoSquared?

Founded in 2006, GoSquared works under the idea that they have “the analytics you need to improve your website now" and can help both small and large companies with their data management needs. Along with what was mentioned, the web analytics company also offers its clients a developer API, analytics for all team members in an organization and integration capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Dribble.

GoSquared says it has plans to add more features to its platform within the coming months.