Happy Birthday! 7 Ways the Enterprise Uses YouTube
Today, YouTube celebrates its seventh birthday. Hard to imagine that our social video sharing platform is growing up. And while YouTube users upload 72 hours of video every minute, it’s not just kids, cats and Justin Bieber. No, YouTube has become a valuable enterprise tool, used to showcase training videos, demos and closer looks at new products. 

Seven Years of Online Video

In the past seven years, YouTube’s functionality and layout has helped businesses organize their content and users find the most relevant media. Additionally, the ways in which companies can record and upload videos has changed as well. Thanks to the Flip Camera and iPhone alone, taking video and uploading it to YouTube is as easy as ever. As well, the accessibility, affordability and availability of video editing software has improved, making it more likely that videos can be created, edited and uploaded without having to enlist an army of videographers or expensive software.

In celebration of the big day, Google launched a video marking its successes and milestones, as well the different ways social video sharing has affected our lives.

7 Ways the Enterprise Uses YouTube

To highlight the ways that YouTube has helped shape the enterprise, we identified seven ways companies can best use the platform. 


There used to be a time when no one knew what cloud computing was, or what SaaS stood for. Many companies took to YouTube to not only tell us what these new terms meant, but how they aimed to make life easier and, best yet, how their product or service was able to leverage the technologies effectively. By typing in “What is Social Business,” users and potential customers alike are able to better understand what’s going on in the enterprise, how it applies to them and how it can meet their needs.


YouTube provides companies that opportunity to brand themselves via YouTube channels, which in turn created another outlet for users to follow their favorite brands online. Being able to connect with customers online through video gives companies an opportunity to troubleshoot, present tutorials and provide feedback that was easy, free and accessible.


Your company’s thought leaders have great ideas, but how often do they get to interact with customers or employees? You may have a company intranet to evangelize internally, but making it public can not only help position your company as an authority, it can help educate and provide valuable insight.


Companies makes mistakes. And while it used to be customary for a CEO to write a formal statement explaining and apologizing, many have now turned to YouTube to help spread the word. Things happen in real time and users expect a real-time response. When bad things happen, an honest, transparent approach is best. With it so easy to create and upload video, companies are behooved to use it to help them take control of their image.

Learning Opportunities


Being a business is serious work, but letting your personality shine through can help humanize a brand to its customers. Capturing the fun moments or taking the time to introduce the members of your team are just some of the ways we’ve seen companies use YouTube. Being able to deliver a great product is essential, but if you’re able to deliver it with a smile, that’s where the magic begins!


Thanks to DVR and Hulu, commercials aren’t just for television. In the days before and after the Super Bowl, fans gathered on YouTube to watch the anticipated commercials. Additionally, if you’re a tech firm, chances are your commercial isn’t airing during Must See TV. But that doesn’t mean you can’t advertise.


Looking for new talent? Showing off your company culture can ensure you get the right applicants who will thrive within your company, as well as help you market your company to the right demographic.

As you can see, YouTube has helped many in the enterprise communicate better about themselves. It has provided an opportunity for businesses to show off, teach, entertain and, above all, build a community around their brand.

Happy Birthday YouTube!