Hootsuite is at it again. Today the social media management system has introduced AutoSchedule, adding it to Hootlet, a mini app that lets users tweet from any webpage.

Extend Your Scheduling

With AutoSchedule, users’ social activity and their followers’ can be analyzed automatically to deliver each message at an optimal time in order to maximize reach and avoid swamping followers with too many updates at once.  

Hootlet, launched back in 2009 as a browser extension, has been considered Hootsuite’s secret weapon, allowing users to share websites, text or images with the click of a small owl icon on their browser toolbar. Once clicked, Hootlet pops up with the website’s title and a shortened URL ready to publish to across social networks.




Of course, auto scheduling has been available within the web-based Hootsuite platform for some time, but adding the functionality to Hootlet is a little overdue, considering that browser extensions are designed to simplify, not complicate user actions.

HootSuite Goes to London

Hootsuite’s recent add-ons and integrations with other social platforms have created quite a buzz, indicating something bigger, perhaps, was coming. Today, Hootsuite also announced that it has opened an office in London, with plans to hire more than 24 sales and support job positions in the next year. 

It’s reported that the Canadian agency is growing at 300 per cent a year and it adds an average of six employees to its office in Vancouver every week. In London, Hootsuite plans to spend the next two years bringing Hootsuite to more agencies and brands, and integrating it to their social business structure. Their target is to grow the London office to 50 employees by December 2013.