In December, released Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing options for its Nexus service delivery platform. Since then they’ve been able to examine the ways providers are using the suite of cloud-based applications, foundation services and business analytics to learn from their behaviors and improve the technology support experience.

We spoke with James Morehead, Vice President, Product Management and Corporate Marketing at to learn more about the initial findings and ways that the technology support experience impacts the overall company customer experience.

What is Nexus?

By licensing the Nexus platform, provides an opportunity for others to benefit from its innovation, with the goal of improving efficiency while enhancing the experience for its customers. Additionally, Nexus offers three different editions to meet a wide range of technology service provider needs, from a guided workflow capability to help supplement existing support platforms; a complete remote and online support capability; to a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated platform.



What is the Technology Support Experience?

We talk about the customer experience, web experience and even the mobile experience, but what about the technology support experience? Many companies, in an effort to set themselves apart from the competition, or to thwart off threats of showrooming, are providing premium technical support opportunities. That is, giving the customer advanced customer support across all its channels, for a price.

Not only can premium technology support positively affect the customer experience, it can also prove effective in addressing the growing needs of customers within our complex and connected world. Premium technology support can provide the big picture details about a customer to support customer demands, while delivering a seamless and consistent experience across channels and service in return.

Learning Opportunities

And it works, too. Customers will pay for advanced support, especially if it means better convenience and increased company responsiveness to inquiries and issues.

Would You Like Advanced Support With That?

Morehead says that premium support technology goes beyond the scripted support framework that irks many a frustrated customer and instead offers the customer a direct line to solve problems. Sometimes a phone call to tech support is the last thing customers and companies want, but when it happens, problems should be solved quickly and efficiently, without having the customer relive the trauma of having an unresolved issue.

As a result, products are no longer just products. They are products that come with a customer support experience. Subsequently, customers will begin to factor the support experience into their purchasing decisions. While the specifications of a tablet device, for example, may help a consumer decide which best matches their online behaviors, access to advance support functionality will also impact their final purchase.

Optimizing one's customer experience with technology support isn't easy. By leveraging the premium technology support platforms and capabilities, like those from, companies can begin to deliver a complete customer experience and provide quality of service and problem resolution, while  lowering their support costs.