hybris, Accenture Agree to E-Commerce Partnership

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hybris, Accenture Agree to E-Commerce Partnership
Consulting firm Accenture has partnered up with hybris, to combine its marketing and customer experience expertise with the hybris ecommerce system offering customers an all in one technology and implementation system.

Ecommerce + Digital Marketing

When companies like Nestle, for example, develop a need for ecommerce tools, they often turn to hybris, an ecommerce leader. In the case of the Accenture and hybris partnership, Nestle indeed is tapping into it for campaigns for its Nespresso line of coffee and espresso machines, the companies have announced.

Specifically, the combined power of Accenture and hybris will give customers like Nestle the tech and the support they need for building engaging experiences online, but also for mobile devices and in store transactions. Obviously, retailers will be a big target for this kind of all in one package, but also those in the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, telecom, media/publishing, software and gaming industries.

Wherever large firms roll out global or cross region campaigns, they run into the usual problems around localization, for example. Language, customs and culture play a part in this, and it makes for a potentially confusing and expensive campaign. By using a partnership of large vendors like this, Accenture and hybris are likely betting on their own track records to help convince customers they are offering something no one else can.

Learning Opportunities

Buy or Partner?

We're talking about Accenture and hybris partnering today, but over the last month, both have been in the acquisition news. In early June, hybris was snapped up by tech giant SAP to help round out its own customer experience suite. Then a month later, Accenture shelled out US$ 316 million for ecommerce group Acquity, so this latest partnership may not end up getting as much attention as perhaps it should.

Accenture paid out a pretty large sum for Acquity, but it likely would have paid even more if it gone after hybris. We don't know how much SAP ended up paying for it, but as one of the leading ecommerce vendors in the world, we're guessing it was quite a bit more than what Accenture paid for Acquity. Rumor has the deal at US$ 1 billion, an unnamed source told the Wall Street Journal at the time, a number Accenture would likely not have been able to approach.

This way, hybris and Accenture get to partner up on projects that play to both of their strengths, with the likely winners being the largest companies who can afford their pricey services.