iAPPS Debuts Search Partnership with Perceptive Software
Bridgeline Digital, maker of the iAPPS Web experience management system, has debuted integrated search and reporting technology from Perceptive Software, a way to better help customers find the content they need.

Perceptive Search + Content Management

Part of any comprehensive WEM system is the ability to surface the right information, at the right time, to the right person. That means being able to find that information, and for large and digitally intensive organizations, that potentially means pouring through multiple data sets and repositories, a laborious and sometimes unfruitful task.

Perceptive Software's search technology will enable users of iAPPS Content Manager and eCommerce products to find hidden documents, files, emails and other content that is often being created at an ever growing clip. For ecommerce applications, organizing a product catalog, for example, is a critical task, and the addition of Perceptive Search will allow iAPPS customers to create new indexes for testing and development.

Likewise, for content management, driving dynamic, persuasive content could be enhanced with a powerful search tool to get just the right content out to the right channel.

Reporting + Automation

Besides the obvious search functions, Perceptive Search includes reporting capabilities so customers can make any necessary changes that might need to be made. Additionally, search indexes can be created and maintained automatically so business users can deploy them with minimal technical know how.

The Perceptive Search system used to be called ISYS, and within iAPPS, it will be responsible for helping completing tasks and solving problems with faceted navigation and natural language support for more conversational searches. iAPPS will take advantage of the Perceptive Software Integration Kit as the partner technology, and it supports almost 500 types of file, email and container formats.

It's an API based system, and that makes it flexible, an attribute iAPPS is already known for. The company has also already had a banner year in 2013, and it reported a 10x increase in cash generated in Q2 over the same time period in 2012. The Perceptive Software integration should do nothing to halt that trend, and because so many workers now are trained from an early age to use search readily and in all cases, it's a pretty natural choice, we think.