Is your company ready for Facebook Timeline for brand pages? Today’s the day when, ready or not, your company page will switch over to the new page layout. And while we’re sure that you’ve been inundated with tips, tricks and tweaks you’ll need to create and perfect your Facebook presence, we’d thought we’d use this opportunity to share with you some information that might persuade you that Facebook Timelines are a good thing, when it comes to customer engagement.

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages is Here!

Customer engagement is the primary focus on many Facebook business pages. If it’s not, it should be. According to Vitrue, a social relationship management (SRM) platform provider, a preliminary look at its clients’ use of the new Facebook Timeline for brand pages showed that engagement per fan increased (as much as 190% in some instances), though about half experience reductions in engagement after converting to timeline. However, a sizable percentage (27%) indicated increases of more than 20% when implementing suggested best practices.

How can you ensure that you’re effectively engaging with your customers in the new format? Here are a few ways users can leverage the changes for their advantage.

Make It Visual

Timeline presents a purposeful visual landscape that brands can use to showcase their products, services and solutions. It’s a visual world, after all, and if you want to compete with the likes of Pinterest, or leverage your pinned content, Timeline offers an opportunity to do that.


Share Valuable Content

However, it’s important not to lose focus -- it’s still about the messaging. Without interesting, meaningful, value-added content, your Facebook Timeline adds little benefit for engagement.


Be Memorable

Because it is a time line, after all, promoting milestones is important. Be sure to highlight your brand’s big accomplishments and recognition accordingly so they stand out and are easy to find.


A Chance to Reinvent

The new Facebook Timeline is an opportunity for companies to present fans with a historical and visual outline of their brand identity. For users, it’s a chance to get to know a brand more intimately, while for brands it’s a chance to present more information to the user in a way that is more compelling. We all know that once a user clicks "like," their return to your Facebook page diminishes, but with Timeline you may be able to lure them back to your page.