Influencer Marketing: Who Do You Think Does it Best?

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Do you recognize how important your customers are in promoting your brand? Have you adapted your digital marketing strategy to include "influencers" and "advocates"? Do you believe you have the best solution? Then you might want to sign up for these awards.

The Importance of the Influencer

An influencer, or an advocate, is someone not associated with your brand that will promote your products/services to others. Think about it -- who do you trust more? An advertisement, a paid sponsor for a brand, or someone you know, whose opinion you trust (whether that's a family member, a friend or simply an opinion leader). These influencers can do a lot for your brand, but how can you incentivizethem to act on your brands behalf?

Digital marketers who understand the importance of these influencers design marketing strategies that focus directly on them. It's kind of like Word of Mouth marketing, but a little more to it. With influencer marketing you are marketing to the influencer not the customer -- this is a very different approach to marketing, one that not everyone has learned to do.

Are You Good at Influencer Marketing

RaynForest, a human influencer marketing and advertising network, has launched a contest to see who has the most unique and inspiring influencer marketing campaigns. Nominations started yesterday and you have to answer a number of questions about your campaign such as what makes it remarkable? What challenges did you face? What were your marketing objectives and how did they align with your business objectives. Also be prepared to outline metrics and outcomes. 

The contest is judged by an interesting (and expert) panel which includes:

Learning Opportunities

  • Sam Fiorella is a partner at Sensei Marketing
  • Ekaterina Walters is a partner and CMO at Branderati
  • Andrew Grill is the CEO of Kred
  • Danny Brown is a multiple award-winning marketer and blogger
  • Erich Joachimsthaler is the CEO and founder of Vivaldi Partners
  • Chris Heuer specializes in consulting on holistic business strategy and social media

You can submit entries until August 15th 29th at 5pm PT. After that submissions will be narrowed down by the judges and placed into the Facebook Round (this will include up to 25 entries). From there, the public gets to vote on their favorite until September 6th 11th. There are winners in a number of categories including:

  • Judges’ Pick
  • Fan Favorite
  • 7 Honorable Mentions

If you think you have a creative influencer campaign that met its objectives and can provide measurable results, then consider entering the contest. More than anything it's a great way to share ideas and approaches to marketing to influencers that we can all learn from. And you never know, it might help you generate some of your own creative marketing strategies in the process.