customer experience: social calendar

Social media isn’t a new invention, but it’s still something that not everyone knows how to use properly. An upcoming application, Social Calendar aims to change that.

Education is Key

Social media isn’t defined by a single site or interaction; there’s a variety of content that can be posted to a number of different sites, which can be confusing for some and often leads to scheduling, engagement and organization problems. This is where Social Calendar co-founders Joelle and Lisa McTigue say that their product comes into play.

We want to give businesses a platform to develop and execute a strategy. Social media is a full-time job and business owners’ just don’t have the time to keep up with it,” said Lisa McTigue. “That’s where Social Calendar steps in and reminds them to stay in the game and keep active.”

Described as “one part do-it-yourself and one part do it with you” Social Calendar is an assistance tool that sends a business reminder that something should be posted to Facebook and Twitter, while also offering how-to-advice and social tips.

The McTigues say that their product ‘takes users by the hand and guides them through each step of a social media strategy from sign-up to more in-depth ideas such as creating a good social media presence. Each week Social Calendar users receive updates via text message and email on the tasks they have yet to complete, while all of the information is easily managed through a dashboard.

Not all of Social Calendar’s features are available yet, but those who are interested in the product can sign-up on its website. Users will then have access to the Pocket Checklist, a feature that over a period of four weeks helps businesses understand social media. For example, the first thing that the Pocket Checklist tells a user to do choose their social nickname and sign up for Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Social calendar pocket checklist

Some of the Pocket Checklist tasks.

Thinking Outside the Auto-Post Box

Many companies don’t understand how to use social media, but know that they need it. Resulting from this ignorance, they tend to rely on auto ‘helping’ tools as those that automatically post to social media such as Post Planner and the recently released Beatrix so that they have some type of social content.

These other tools have a purpose and are useful, for the McTigues the idea is to move away from this model and help businesses create a time efficient, knowledge based strategy so that they don’t have to rely on something or someone else.

We don't believe that business should put their social media solely in the hands of an algorithm. A businesses' social media needs to stand out from their competitors,” said Lisa McTigue.” No social media account should be fully automated and unchecked.”

The full version of Social Calendar is scheduled for release on September 23.