customer experience: beatrix social media assistant
Social media has become an integrated part of business life, but not everyone has the time or resources to monitor these sites as often as they would like. Beatrix, a virtual social media assistant is designed to help businesses manage social media accounts.

Say Hello to Beatrix

Beatrix is described as the “world's friendliest virtual social media intern” that can help a business “become a social media rockstar in minutes.” At its core Beatrix, which was created by Jon Yongfook, is a management service that, unlike Buffer or HootSuite, doesn't just autopost; it also curates relevant content and posts it to social media accounts based on a pre-determined schedule. Yongfook designed Beatrix to grow and becomes smarter through customer engagement data and interaction so it will eventually be able to post better content.

Beatrix is about content," he wrote. “We're not an analytics tool, we're not a scheduling tool, Beatrix is a social assistant whose job is to make your social accounts come alive.”

More specifically, after a user signs up for Beatrix they are asked to pick relevant topics. This list includes arts, entertainment, marketing, gardening and science. From there a user connects their social media accounts and the platform automatically creates a content plan.

An example that is currently being promoted on the Beatrix website is for "Luigi’s Pizza Shack" where the topics of wine, pizza and cheese are chosen. From there the Beatrix system curated posts, such as “10 Best Pizza’s in the World" from Forbes and schedules the post to appear on a certain day, at a certain time.

the Beatrix app

The schedule is set at the default times of 10am, 2pm and 5pm local time, but users can change this and pause scheduling if needed.

Even though the assistant is virtual, businesses can interact with it through email -- but it can only reply to simple questions or statements such as "what's next week's content plan?" or "delete this link.” Beatrix also sends users an email update of their current content plan at the start of each week.

Worth a Try … Maybe?

While the Beatrix app is new, it does have a few merits and a few potential issues that users should be aware of.

On the positive side, having an automated system that can post content and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance might be good for businesses that are unable to hire a social media manager, doesn't have a large social media budget or simply doesn't have the time to search for and post new content. That being said, there are a few potential problems.

Currently, there isn’t a way for businesses to post original content, as the system only collects information related to the topics a user picked and sometimes Beatrix doesn't find timely stories, as Jon Russell noted. He found that some articles the service picked for him were a week old.

According to Yongfook, Beatrix is suppose to make social media engagement and posting a "frictionless" process, but Anya Kamenetz notes that this is where another problem could develop.

Communication between human beings is supposed to include a little friction: that's the grit of actual human discernment interposing between the finding of an idea or fact and the passing along of said idea or fact,” she wrote.

While it appears that Beatrix won’t replace social media moderators or community managers just yet, Russell does note that it could become a helpful tool for many businesses.

It certainly has the potential to cover the more basic, intern-like tasks to get you going on building your brand,” he wrote.