For this week’s Facebook App of the Week, we’re looking at Post Planner, an application that auto-posts information to fan pages or groups.

In a world of instant information, businesses are in need of a way to update their fans and customers. Under the motto of “Post Smart. Get Results.” Post Planner aims to improve customer engagement over Facebook by giving the app the ability to automatically post updates for a company.

How Does Post Planner Work?

Once a user gives the app access to their account, they can immediately begin scheduling posts. As with a regular status update, users can choose to post a photo, text update, link or RSS Feed. They then have to select the page or group, who can see the post, the time the post should appear and if it should repeat or not.

In addition to being able to schedule content posting, other features include:

  • Post Management: Users can see and manage their past posts, feeds and content.
  • An Idea Machine: With the “Get a Status Idea” feature, users merely have to select a subject to get a suggestion on the type of content they might want to post.
  • Insights: With the post insights feature, users can see how well individual posts are doing for a pre-determined amount of time.



While the app itself is free, users who need additional features can upgrade to one of three pricing plans.

  • Pro: This plan is available for US$ 4.95 a month. Features include a 30 day trial, posting to an unlimited amount of pages and obsessive support.
  • Expert: For US$ 14.95 a month features included in this option include unlimited posting to pages and groups, auto-publishing of RSS feeds, branded posts and real-time analytics.
  • Team: For US$ 24.95 a month, users with the option have access to to all of the of the “Expert” features, but also have Team Access, a option that gives posting rights to four members.

Final Thoughts

Despite it's simple appearance, Post Planner is an application that goes well-beyond its name. At first glance, it appeared that it only posted pre-designated status updates for company pages, but it's much more than that. Being able to post various content, such as video, photos and text allows companies to constantly remain connected to their fans, by continually providing new content. Also with the analytics tool, users can monitor how well their engagement efforts are going and see where they need improvement.

With additional features, like “Get a Status Idea”, users are able to quickly and easily figure out questions and areas they’d like customer feedback on, which will improve the overall consumer-business relationship.