After some warnings from telcos last week, Apple has rushed out a patch to improve mobile performance and reliability for just the one model of iPhone. 

A Quick Fix

European telco Vodafone sent out a message last week warning iPhone 4S users not to upgrade due to problems with 3G connectivity. It hasn't taken Apple long to get on top of the problem and issue a patch to fix the issues.  

The patch weighs in at just 23MB and only takes a minute or two to install. Once up and running, anyone who's had trouble with their network should see smoother performance. We'll let you know if it seems to have fixed things after some testing. 

Learning Opportunities


The update comes on the recent news that Apple leads the world in mobile Internet usage, and a lot of those users will be running a 4S and won't want their service interrupted by patchy signal quality or other issues. iOS 6.1 came out late last month and updates some minor features.