It's finally official. SDL has publicly announced that is has completed its acquisition of web engagement management provider Alterian.

The Official Rumor is True

There was no official comment when we first told you that SDL had finally acquired Alterian. This was an offer in the making for a period of time. The deal cost SDL £69.7 million and for it the customer experience management (CXM) provider picked up a number of new capabilities including: marketing analytics, social media monitoring and campaign management.

SDL is not saying much about the deal, other than:

There is an excellent strategic fit in combining the marketing analytics, campaign management and social media capabilities from the Alterian product suite with that of SDL’s leading global Web Content Management, eCommerce and Structured Content capabilities.

What It Means for Alterian

SDL is saying nothing about its plans for the people who work at Alterian or for the company itself. The product line that is important to SDL will obviously get integrated with its Web CMS (Tridion) and associated products (like SmartTarget).

Learning Opportunities

Will Alterian's own Web CMS bite the dust? Will its management team come on board in executive positions? All of that seems yet to be decided -- at least SDL isn't saying.

There's more to this story, and we'll be working hard to get those pesky details.