A Leicester, UK, web experience management provider has launched a cloud-based case management system that its CEO claims will disrupt the "the large IT CRM space with a secure cloud platform that is built around users and people.”

Jadu, founded in 2001 on the Jadu CMS platform, just released Jadu Q, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), multi-tenant product for managing the customer experience. Company officials said it includes strong collaboration capabilities with a focus on customer retention. It also includes a full messaging system and time-based ticket and enquiry management functions.

The new offering "provides the end user of a service with the ability to manage and present their case proactively," Jadu CEO Suraj Kika told CMSWire. "When customers make complaints, applications or 
requests online it is normally a ‘fire and forget’ exercise. Q gives the customer access to a portal where they can requests updates, upload ‘evidence’ and see the case unfolding."

Developers Not Needed

Kika told CMSWire the portals can be tailored around an organization’s cases and can be integrated with its website. This leads to a "more transparent online customer service experience with an affordable option that doesn’t require managing any IT on-premises."

2015-19-February-Jadu evidence-1.jpg

"Some case management platforms have an overwhelming amount of configuration options, which make them unwieldy and difficult to use," Kika added.

Q is designed so that business users and case workers can manage cases, unlike some tools which require developers to make changes. The Q platform can be configured around a customer’s case flow by means of an intuitive user interface. The focus of Q is on customer cases that require human interaction and interpretation, rather than high volume, automated cases."

Web Experience Extension


The new system is a SaaS-based component of the Jadu Universe Web Experience Platform. It targets government and higher education but also those who "care about their users’ needs and digital experience and have a desire to connect their staff with their customers," the company claimed.

It features:

  • Deployment of a web portal specific to a desired customer interaction that blends in with the design of a corporate website
  • Availability as a stand-alone solution, allowing users to integrate with their existing CMS and corporate web estate
  • Balance with the Jadu Universe Web Content Management System and Jadu XForms Professional eForms products 
  • Partnership with Skyscape Cloud Services, a cloud services provider that focuses on delivering government-assured, secure cloud solutions to the public sector

"It’s too hard for organizations to get up and running with back office CRM and dispute resolution systems," Kika said. "We wanted to address that problem by making the back end system the front-end, built with beautiful responsive design and behaving as a modern web app should -- on the device the customer chooses to use."

This is the first Jadu launch since the Jadu Universe platform late in 2012. The team is implementing Jadu Q now for a national UK Government service, and the platform will be available in April.